Our Products

At Doctors Optical Labs our belief is that everyone should see the most in life with the highest quality optical lenses. That’s why all of our proprietary lenses are created digitally with compensated RX’s, optimizing your patients vision and giving them the best possible view behind a pair of glasses.



Our EyeFOCAL branded lenses are all digitally surfaced, providing real-time enhancements based on the patients’ needs and Rx.  The EyeFOCAL portfolio offers several progressive and multifocal options, as well as occupational and single vision lenses, supporting you in delivering excellent care to your patients.

Patients with high prescriptions

The standard Rx range in our lens portfolio is Sph -12.00D to +6.50D total power with Cyl up to -6.00D max power (Add power +0.75D to +3.50D).  Our lab can support you with prescriptions outside this range.  Please call us at (702) 463-6373 so we can partner with you on the best solution for your high myope, hyperope or presbyope patients.




Our ActiveAR line of anti-reflective coatings fulfill most patient needs in AR coating technology, including ActiveAR Blue, our in house blue light filter anti-reflective coating.

In addition to offering our own proprietary products, we partner with major manufacturers to produce their lenses and coatings in our Doctors Optical Labs facility.