Occupational Lenses

Today’s increased use of digital devices is adding more stress on your patients’ eyes.  We have solutions to combat digital eye strain and enhance vision at the computer.

Occupational Lenses

EyeFOCAL Anti-Fatigue

EyeFOCAL Anti-Fatigue is designed for  non presbyopes or pre-presbyopes who suffer from visual fatigue. Created with a +0.50D, +0.75D or +1.25D boost in the near vision.

EyeFOCAL Office

EyeFOCAL Office is created for presbyopes who spend more time than not working at near or intermediate distances. (4/6/13 feet).

Patients with high prescriptions

The standard Rx range in our lens portfolio is Sph -12.00D to +6.50D total power with Cyl up to -6.00D max power (Add power +0.75D to +3.50D).  Our lab can support you with prescriptions outside this range.  Please call us at (702) 463-6373 so we can partner with you on the best solution for your high myope, hyperope or presbyope patients.

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