Complete Eyewear Program

Doctors Optical Labs Spettro Complete Eyewear Program allows you to provide your patients easier access to great eyewear and eye care while maintaining a healthy margin for your practice. The Spettro Complete Eyewear Program is only available to independent eyecare professionals, offering great value at a great price, without compromises in performance or care.

A Spectrum of Options for Your Patients

Different patients require different solutions, from the more price sensitive patients to those that want the latest in technology. The Spettro Complete Eyewear Program allows you to provide a spectrum of options to your patients with single vision, specialty lenses and progressives in different performance tiers. In combination with 18 or 36 different frame bundles, you can satisfy all your patients’ needs.


Our EyeFOCAL branded lenses are all digitally surfaced, providing real-time enhancements based on the patients’ needs and Rx. With a range of technologies, the EyeFOCAL portfolio allows you to offer different options to your patients, including single vision, progressive, and digital device solutions.

Lens Enhancements

Our Lens Enhancements provide premium solutions in anti-reflective coatings, photochromic lenses and sun options. The ActiveAR line of anti-reflective coatings fulfills most patient needs in AR coating technology, including premium, easy-to-clean AR and blue filter coatings.

2 Frame Bundles with 18 or 36 Frames

Simplicity meets choice. We have created two different preselected frame bundles for you with 9 or 18 frame styles in 2 different colors.  Download our full Spettro frame catalog.

Spettro Program Brochure

Get all the details about our Spettro Complete Eyewear Program in our program brochure.

Spettro Program Pricing

Our program is competitively priced to provide patients with great access to premium eyewear.

Interested in offering the Complete Eyewear Program in your practice?