Progressive Lenses

Your patients’ needs in progressive lenses vary so we can offer you a wide range of options in technologies and price points.

Progessive Lenses


(VSP Cat.N)

With Binocular Balance® technology that balances and minimizes the lateral blurriness, the EyeFOCAL FX is the widest channel progressive in the EyeFOCAL family. EyeFOCAL FX lenses allow the wearer to enjoy a wider visual field and sharp clear vision in all gaze directions. Position of Wear measurements will completely customize this lens.

(VSP Cat.O)

EyeFOCAL SBA (Stable Balance Astigmatism) includes the optimization technology Clearview®, a technology that provides a differentiated optical quality in freeform. With the Position of Wear measurements, Clearview® defines the precise aberration distribution design in relation to the eye and the frame. EyeFOCAL SBA is a multi-purpose progressive lens with excellent visual quality.

EyeFOCAL Elite
(VSP Cat.N)

EyeFOCAL Elite is a premium progressive lens with a unique architecture. On the front surface, the Elite lens blank provides the ideal base curve, offering unbeatable visual quality for wearers with higher prescriptions The back surface utilizes a personalized progressive digital design developed using an innovated methodology, which dramatically reduces lateral distortions. (≥ +2.00/-2.00)

Progessive Lenses


(VSP Cat.O)

The EyeFOCAL SB offers wider visual fields in intermediate and near, creating sharp and comfortable vision. With Digital Profile technology, the wearer experience in the intermediate and near zones will be sharp and precise.

EyeFOCAL Ultra
(VSP Cat.O)

EyeFOCAL Ultra is a fully personalized design, specially designed for electronic users. Providing expanded near and intermediate vision combined with a smooth transition that allows wearers to change in a more agile way.

EyeFOCAL Priority
(VSP Cat.F)

EyeFOCAL Priority takes into account the visual needs of presbyopes who use hand  held devices daily. With Digital Profile® technology a wider field of intermediate vision is obtained.

Progessive Lenses


EyeFOCAL Select+
(VSP Cat. J)

EyeFOCAL Select+ is an all purpose progressive using default Position of Wear measurements specially designed for wearers who need a wide distance visual field.

EyeFOCAL Basic
(VSP Cat.K)

EyeFOCAL Basic is a non-compensated soft design progressive lens for beginner progressive wearers on a cost conscience budget.

Patients with high prescriptions

The standard Rx range in our lens portfolio is Sph -12.00D to +6.50D total power with Cyl up to -6.00D max power (Add power +0.75D to +3.50D).  Our lab can support you with prescriptions outside this range.  Please call us at (702) 463-6373 so we can partner with you on the best solution for your high myope, hyperope or presbyope patients.